The Last Time…

The last time

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, but it was only when I went to the supermarket last week, that it hit me… The last time I will ever buy a box of formula milk! It sounds silly and were always thinking about the first time our babies do something, “the firsts” They’re the best! how happy we get when they smile for the first time, say their first word and take their first steps, but what we don’t really take a hold on, is “the lasts” the very last times they do these little baby things.

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For me, I remember the last time I breastfed my 2nd little boy Theo, I was super excited that I got to solely feed this time, as my first son Charlie couldn’t get the hang of it and we had to combination feed. So I made sure I remembered every moment of feeding, when he was around 7 months it was time for him to start with his childminder, Lucy at ThePlayRoomMarple (she’s amazing, go check her out) , that I had to start wearing him off the boob, of course I was sad, and I didn’t exactly know when his last feed was going to be, so every morning and night I made the most of each feed incase it was the last time.

The last time…. those words just make me emotional. Do you think about the last time you put a hair bobble in your girls hair? as now she’s old enough to do it herself, the very last time she sat on your lap for a snuggle? Or the final time she’s runs in your room at 6am in the morning?!

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I don’t remember last time Theo rolled over front to back, as he now just gets up to crawl, but I do remember the last time he used his moss basket, and when he wore his 0-3 little outfits. All those tiny baby moments flying by, especially with an 18 month old to contend to as well. we are so so eager for our babies to hit the next milestone and move forward in their development, I was the same with my first little boy, he could sit up at 5 months, crawl at 6 months, walk when he was 1, and now at 2.5 he doesn’t stop taking about his animals, or the stories he’s been reading, and what adventures he’s taking them on. So with ‘the baby’ we still call him that! I didn’t want to rush through all these milestones too quickly, I wanted to make the most of each stage with him and remember everything he did, as very soon, everything he does will be a last at some point. The last time he wears his sleeping bag for bed, the last day he has his dummy, the last night he sleeps in his cot. The last moment he crawls, and the very last time he makes his funny noises as he’s trying to talk. Time just seems to go so much faster the second time runs don’t you think?

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I mean, I’m not sure if another baby is on the horizon for me in my lifetime (2 little boys with an 18 month age gap is enough to send anyone crazy!) so in case I don’t I have to come to terms this might not be one more time he does these things, the last time he laughs as he just can’t quite reach his brothers hand in their carseats, as soon he’ll be too big for his baby seat and just hold his hand sat next to him, or when he falls on his face because he’s crawled to fast chasing his brother, as soon he’ll be running after him, the final time they will sit in the double pram together.

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baby photography near me

I hate all these lasts, as much as I want my baby’s to both grow up into beautiful little boys, my mind isn’t ready for that yet. so please make sure you slow down with your baby and remember all these lasts! Better still, document every moment! not just for you, but for them, when their older and want to remember everything they used to do. You are responsible for their biography, so make sure they have something to remember themselves by.

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