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Flour Dance Photography  –  What a day !!!Flour dance photography 2

When my Aunt first asked me to do a flour shoot I won’t lie I was quite nervous as this was also a first for me but also extremely honoured and excited to have been asked. It was lovely that my aunt had seen similar pictures elsewhere and she was 100% confident that I was able to achieve them. Having been given such a challenge I knew I wanted to put my all in to proving she was right to trust me . That she was!  after weeks of research and ensuring I had the correct equipment to get the most out of such a brilliant opportunity. I felt I was ready to give this a go with confidence in my work ,this being so far from the skills I already currently have  and on a completely opposite end of the spectrum of anything I have ever done before. From being used to working with tiny little people that I shh to sleep whilst creating beautiful memories to working  with mature young women with ideas and amazing talents it was such a transition but so amazing!!

Let me first say how amazingly talented these girls are .It was such a pleasure to work with these girls we had so much fun and made so much mess
but it really was an amazing day.I learnt so much about each of there own little personality and  as one of the girls was my very talented cousin it was lovely to get to spend time with her with her friends doing something we both enjoyed and could share together. From start to finish this this was a brilliant experience for us all I think.

On the morning of the session, preparations were already in place as I had to transform what was my Newborn baby room into a black cove (black backdrops covering the entire room) I had to set up all the lighting which was also very different from how I usually use my lighting. Test test and more testing!!

From the minute the girls arrived at the studio they were as excited as I was which was great! They were so relaxed and ready to get going we had a brief chat about what they had in mind whilst the mums of the girls were in the studio sieving flour. Once we had our dance moves in place the girls moved off into the space to practice , then the fun began!!!

The flour was everywhere – and believe me that stuff can travel! – and the girls were having so much fun showing off there dance skills that they have  learnt over the years at Debut academy .Who knew I would have to become a choreographer and a photographer all in one to help direct there moves for the best shot possible . The flour had to be placed in specific places to ensure it was directed the right way to take the shot. Some of this was trial and error in the first few stages but practice soon made perfect for an amazing shot. There was so much laughing during the day my face was aching at the end , mums and the girls were giggling and having so much fun it really was a unique and spectacular experience that we will all treasure forever .


Well what an equally unique experience lol. That stuff really gets absolutely everywhere after lots of help of the mums and the girls which really was appreciated but after 10 days just when I think arrrhhh its all gone ! no there it is ! probably still going to find bits in months to come but I really really must express however much the clean up may go on for sometime longer the experience was so worth it .

Now the girls had shown off there skills it was now my turn to use mine, and let my creative mind run wild with the amazing images I had captured. Once the video went live the comments, feedback and support I received was phenomenal!It made me feel so proud of what we had achieved .

Watch the video here… Flour Dance

dance flour shoot

Heres some of the girls comments…

“Dance is my life! Ive been dancing since I was 3 so its all I have ever done. I love dancing and I love performing. The shoot was amazing!!! I absolutely loved it!!! I got the chance to do what I love whilst doing something different at the same time, by adding flour. It was great that I got to do this with my best friends to! I chose moves that I know I’m strong at and that I thought would look good with the flour. I think the pictures look amazing really pleased with all of them.Thanks Leonni.”  –  ERIN 

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Flour dance photographyFlour dance photography 3

Flour dance photographyFlour dance photography

Flour dance photography Flour dance photography 6Flour dance photography 5

Photography by Leonni

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