A time for you to relax in the comfort of my beautiful studio, chill out with a hot drink and a few snacks while you watch me create timeless images for you. Newborn photographer Stockport.
Most mummy's book their newborn session on or around their 20 week scan, This ensures I have availability for your due date month, Your due date is provisionally booked into my diary as babies can arrive any time around your due date so i only allow for a limited number of newborn bookings each month and keep the day free for your baby as i like to go at their pace and work around you as a family. Don't worry if your baby has already arrived when you decide to book your newborn session please do still get in touch and we can discuss your requirements.
Babies can be unpredictable and arrive at any time, we only book your due date in the diary until baby arrives, we will keep in contact throughout your pregnancy to discus your session and any questions you may have, once baby arrives you can contact me as soon as you can and we can arrange your session date.
Your newborn session will take place in my purpose made beautiful studio in the centre of stockport, opposite Robinson's brewery., come and make your self at home in a cosy environment and relax. As a new parent you will be overwhelmed with emotions and will already be aware of what a world wind this tiny bundle is and how they have an impact on your life. For many new parents this could be the first time you leave the house so this is an opportunity for you to leave everything at home and take some time out in my studio while you watch me take baby photos and create timeless images for you and your family. Having your newborn session in my studio means you have full use of all my props and equipment and will allow me to take the best possible images for you
These first few weeks will fly by and your baby's tiny details will be changing so quickly its important to capture these moments as early as possible. The age of your baby will make all the difference as to what positions or poses they will be comfortable in. Every baby is different and i will ensure that baby guides me throughout our session. Younger baby's usually between 5-14 days are ideal for getting into those squishy curled up positions as it wasn't that long ago they were still safe and snug in the womb. which helps create beautiful memories whilst ensuring a happy comfortable baby. Baby's in the earlier days are much happier being undressed as long as they are kept snuggly and warm , which they will be at all times in my studio. It is still possible to capture these moments upto 28days so don't panic if you haven't arranged anything straight away, we will discus our options and make sure you still get those beautiful images whilst having an amazing experience.
I have everything you will need for your newborn session, there are a few things you will be advised to do to prepare, please pop me a message and I can send you over the PDF for your session information.
​As sessions can take upto 4 hours make sure your bring extra feeds as baby's usually have more feeds than they would usually have at home. Please also bring along a dummy (even if baby doesn't use one at home, baby will not get attached to this after the session.) This will help soothe baby, a blanket spare nappies wipes and a change of clothes. also bring a spare pair of clothes for your self as I'm sure you will already know sometimes little ones like to have accidents. If you could dress your little one in a simple baby grow to make getting them undressed easier and to prevent baby from being disturbed more than necessary. In general i would advice parents to wear light clothing as it can get quite warm in the studio as it is set at a temperature that suits baby, for parent photos something plain and flattering that you feel comfortable in, natural colours are best, no logos or busy clothing and its usually best that dads clothes compliments mums in style or matching colours. If there are any specific items that are of sentiment to you that you would like incorporating into your session please feel free to bring them along with you.
​Siblings are more than welcome to be included in the session but as you can appreciate four hours is quite a long time for any child so sibling shots are either done at the begging of the session or at the end depending on how settled baby is. There are many cafes and shops on the street that you can take the other little ones to whilst i ensure baby gets all the time and attention that is needed to create these timeless images. with the size of the studio it is not ideal to accommodate extended family so two adults is only necessary, so please be mindful of this when planning who is going to attend the session with you.
​We all can understand the military operation it takes to leave the house with a newborn, this is why i only schedule one newborn session a day. This gives you enough time in the morning then to get ready, I do like to prepare and make sure everything is ready for when you arrive, the studio needs to be at a certain temperature for your baby and i appreciate you arriving on time for your session. This ensures your session runs smoothly and if you arrive late this will eat into your session. Please allow time for travelling and parking at the studio, there is parking just up the road from the studio, if you need any help, please contact me. If for any reason you will not be on time for your session please let me know.
While this is the time for you to relax and enjoy watching me work with your baby cuddling, soothing and posing them, there will be times i need your help, your baby's safety is my main priority and for this reason i use a spotter at all times, this maybe an assistant i have or parents themselves or even grandparents enjoy doing this part. Some of the images you see are composite images, (These are images with the spotter holding the baby and images are put together in post production.) Throughout the session your baby will need lots of attention, i will pass your baby back to you regularly for cuddles and feeding.
YES, i am fully insured, and have had various newborn posing and safety training and keep this topped up regularly. I am also a member of BANPAS (Baby and Newborn Photography Association) This is primarily for baby safety. You can take a look at their website to understand more about what they do and how they support and guide us as photographers. As stated baby's safety is my number one priority.
​It may seem silly but there is a reason you come to me to take these beautiful images for you, many of times i have clients ask me if they can take images on their phones, Primarily the answer to this question is no, but i know how excited you are about your baby being here and can't wait to show your images off so during the first set up at your session i will then give you an opportunity to take a mobile phone image, i could even do this for you. This image will contain the set up of where baby is and i will ask you to tag my Facebook page if you are using this images on social media. I am then going to ask you to turn your phone off during the rest of the session so i can have your undivided attention as your baby's safety is the main priority.
Your newborn session can take anywhere between 2 to 4 hours, the reason for this is i like to have a nice calm atmosphere so baby is relaxed, i do not rush my sessions and like to go at baby's pace to ensure their comfort and safety. There will be lots of soothing and settling baby into each pose. I will aim to do 5 different set ups including parent and sibling poses, which i do towards the end of the session.
While your newborn session is completely tailored to you, my knowledge and creative mind are what makes your images. You will be given an opportunity to come down to the studio for a pre session consultation before baby is born and also questionnaire before your session so you can tell my a little more about you, your new baby, and your family. This gives you the opportunity for us to go through the kind of style of images you like and any images you have seen of mine that you want me to recreate. You can also tell me the colour schemes you prefer and the colours of your home where your images will be displayed, This is not a problem if you don't know what you want, i have various props and set ups that I can show you or you can leave this blank to let me use my creative mind, and create the most perfect experience for you.
​I know how much you will be excited to come back and view your pictures, we will schedule your ordering appointment on the day of your session for no more than two weeks time. in this time i will be creating your timeless images and preparing a stunning presentation video (this video is included in the top package) for you when you come for your ordering appointment we can discuss the packages and i will help you create your images for your chosen package ,design your wall art and help you choose which products are best for you and your family. Payment is to be made on this day and i accept cash or debit or credit card payments. We will discuss when your packages and products will be ready and turnaround time is no longer than four weeks. I assure you i will have your products ready for collection from the studio as soon as possible.
Digital images are electronic files which you can use to print your images yourself on which ever product you wish. Copyright of these images remain with the photographer but you will be granted print release which will allow you to print these images. This does not allow you to edit,crop or alter the images in any way, or enter into competitions without my consent. I would always advice you to print your products through me to ensure you quality and correcting colouring from my professional printing labs i can not be made accountable for quality and colour loss from high street stores.
There is no obligation to purchase a package if you didn't want to, a wide range of professional products are available to choose from, we can discus your expectations at your pre-session consultation .
Yes, absolutely, this can be organised at your viewing appointment and payments can be decided up into 3 instalments, the first one is to be made at your viewing appointment of 50% of your order.

To book in your newborn session pop on over to the contact page and send me a message.

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