My Year of 2016

 What a year it was. I am so lucky I get to do what i love as a profession, how can I call it work when we just have so much fun here. We’ve had laughs, tears (happy ones), giggles and smiles.
2016 saw some incredible times for me, I have photographed over 40 Newborn baby’s, over 200 children and more than 50 family’s.  I am delighted to have met such amazing people in 2016, all my lovely clients are amazing and i amphotographer in stoclport so grateful for their loyalties to me. Nothing means more to me than making my clients happy that they keep wanting to come back more and more.  Its such an amazing feeling that i get to share your journey and watch these babies grow into beautiful children.
I have been lucky to have some amazing training this year, with many well known photographers also visiting the Newborn and Portrait Photography show in Coventry in May. This has helped me develop my skills as a photographer. This is the year i found Newborn Photography was my speciality, and I’ve moved forward developing these skills. Seeing how each and every newborn is so different from the last it amazes me how brilliant they are and how much they can change in such a short space of time. Capturing their little personalities from day 1 is just incredible. Learning about new families and different ways of life and listening to all your different stories just makes this job what it is, and being able to share that moment with parents and giving them memories they can treasure is life changing.
2016 saw me open my first very own studio in September, just a shell when i came here and its now transformed into a beautiful cosy studio where all my clients feel at home. with 3 shooting rooms, a lounge, reception, office, kitchen and bathroom no wonder my clients feel like their at home, some have even had a little snooze on the sofa 🙂 Newborn and baby photography is what makes me tick and their is nothing more special and capturing than a newborn baby. This new space has allowed me to up my game in newborn and baby photography and deliver the best quality work to all my clients. This year i have some amazing plans in place that you don’t want to miss.
This was the year i quit my ‘real” job, and became a full time professional photographer. I’ve worked with babies and children for 12 years in a nursery, starting out as a trainee and working my way up to management. This is probably the reason why every mummy and daddy are amazed at my patience and care for their little one. It was a hard decision to leave nursery work, but I’m where i want to be and i still get to work with lots of babies every week.
So here’s to and even better and busier 2017 – Cant wait to meet all my new little babies. See you all soon.
Newborn bookings are usually made around your 20 week scan to avoid spaces filling up in your due month. Don’t miss the amazing opportunity to have me capture those tiny details of your precious newborn before they change.
To book – pop over to my website or Facebook page and send me a massage.
Look forward to working with you 🙂
Leonni x

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